• Can I come by anytime?
    Yes, we are open 7 days a week. Estimates are free and no appointments are necessary.
  • How long will it take to complete my framing order?
    We give careful attention to each piece, but turnaround time is as little as 1 day for in stock mouldingĀ  One week on special order mouldings, or you can wait while we can put your art in a ready-made frame..
  • How much will my frame cost?
    Until we get together and design your frame, We can provide only a rough estimate. There are a million variables to choosing a frame, including the size of the art, the frame you choose, the type of mat we use, and any other special treatments, such as museum-quality framing (UV protective glass, acid-free mats), shadow boxes, floating the artwork or artifact. Come in and you’ll see how many ways there are to show off your artwork to its best advantage.
  • What if I email you a picture and the size I want framed?
    We can print, mat and frame your picture then e-mail you when it is completed.
  • Can you frame a shirt/books/scarf/pair of shoes/collection of photos/ping-pong ball/Barbie doll etc., etc., etc.?
    We can frame anything.
  • Can you match a frame that’s on other artwork I own?
    Sometimes we can, sometimes we can’t. Moulding styles may be discontinued or too old for us to be able to track down the exact source. We will however do our best to match or compliment your existing frame.
  • There are so many choices, it’s overwhelming. How do I decide what frame is best?
    That’s why we are here! We’ve been framing for 28 years. We know our selection of frames, We know our mats, we know what works. We will work closely with you to make sure your artwork gets the treatment it deserves.